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We are very pleased that you have decided to visit our website today. Also that you have the motivation to start to learn Spanish as a second language. We as educators want to welcome you, and make the promise to give you all the support necessary to reach your goal, of mastering Spanish as your second language.

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Spanish has became the second preferred language (SPL) to communicate in USA and the fourth around the world. Its used as official language in the ONU, the Europe Union and public national and international organizations.

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Spanish is the SPL to promote and expand business around the world, also used to improve the communication and relationship between managers, employees, customers and providers. In education, it is the SPL in the school systems, and internationally used to translate books, research documents, as well as promote and deliver entertainment; It is very common see used in route's signs and labels in public transportation vehicles around the world and more.

CDEC Spanish Tutors & Trainers

CDEC Spanish Tutors & Trainers

It has been proven, that the best way to sharpen the knowledge and master a language is by taking classes with a tutor, as well as Spanish trainers to implement strategies to expand business markets and promote products and services into a cosmopolitan community, where Spanish is a SPL, used simultaneously with English, but as a second language. CDEC- Spanish native professionals with a diversified academic background and experience in business development, market planning, international commerce and business and economic research offer support to businesses and organizations interested in incorporating Spanish as a second language.


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We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best tutoring service in order that you can reach your goal that brought you to us.

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